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An evangelist is loyal to the ministry of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.An evangelist is different from a pastor in that he does not have a flock to lead, but he may be working directly with a local church.


Preaching God's word is at the core of evangelist work. They do not administer the church, which, based on the Bible, says is the job of the church elders. The term, "evangelist," is taken from the Greek word, "euaggelistes," whose meaning is "messenger of good news." The apostle, Paul, instructed Timothy to "do the job of an evangelist" (2 Timothy 4:5). Learn more about perseverance of the saints here. 


Evangelists spend most of their time in reading and understanding the Bible. In 2 Timothy 2:15, the apostle, Paul, also told the evangelist, Timothy, to learn the doctrines of the faith. And in 2 Timothy 4: 2, the apostle asked Timothy to rectify wrong beliefs. Equipped with in-depth Bible knowledge, evangelists are able to do their job of correcting beliefs of people which run against the word of God.


Evangelists spread the gospel within their own communities, as well as in other communities where they intend to serve. Some evangelists even travel overseas to speak in churches as well as conferences. The organizations or churches they work with can organize evangelistic crusades as well in specific areas. Or they can build new churches in areas where no church has yet been put up in the past.


To help in their work, evangelists coordinate with local churches, updating the believers, including the leadership, about their ministry. They keep close relations with their church, and maintain their liability to leaders and members alike. Their home or local church more often than not supports them money-wise, so they furnish regular reports to their church, especially if they are working in another country. There are evangelists who are associated closely with national as well as international organizations; in such a scenario, they are getting direction and guidance from these organizations' leaders. Visit for more info. 


Who Can Be Qualified to Work As an Evangelist?


The depends is going to depend on what type of work is needed. An evangelist could be qualified to work in particular areas and not in others. Of the offices comprehended in the apostleship, none needed a greater variety of endowments than an evangelist. It depends on the field of labor the evangelist will occupy, whether he should speak in but one language or several. His job is to propagate the Word understandably and influentially, to involve all converts or believers of his ministry, and to build and put in order churches wherever he has the opportunity. Then he should teach them to live their lives based on the commandments of God.


For an Evangelist to succeed, he should have more than just vision. He should understand his responsibilities thoroughly in being in this line of work.